MINI Manatee Private Tour 3 - 3.5 HOURS

Join Old Homosassa Snorkeling Center, for a true VIP Mini (Half Day) Private "Swim With Manatees" excursion on the beautiful Homosassa River accompanied only with your family/party.

We offer this very special and unique opportunity to snorkel with manatees in a private boat setting, including; snorkeling gear, wetsuits, hot chocolate/coffee/tea.

Our private "Swim With Manatees" tour begins at 8:00 am and 11:30am daily with advanced reservations. Each VIP Mini private manatee tour lasts about 3 to 3 1/2 hours, however, as your enjoyment is important to us, we will only include your family. This tour is truly private, as you will not be sharing the boat with others, this is for your party only.

Also some tour companies offer a really nice "New Pontoon Boat" with "Captains Cocktails" included. If this is your game, to set on a boat and drink, then good luck. We don't want you setting on our boats for the duration of your tour, we want you in the water having fun. Plus they charge more, almost $200.00 MORE. We offer other tours that include drinking after you return "The Monkey Bar" located at our resort.. Not to worry with us, if you chose to just be a boat rider or spectator on our boats, that is totally fine. We will make it very comfortable for our guest that would just like to enjoy the manatees from the boat. Let us take the wheel.  

If you are staying at a nearby hotel/motel, you may need to check out prior to the tour, as our tours are on the manatees schedule, and not necessarily ours. You can expect to return to the dock around 2:30-3:00 pm for the afternoon tour.

Rates are as follows: 3 1/2 Hour Mini (Half Day) Private Manatee tour Includes  

$390.00 for 1 - 6 passengers, you are booking the whole boat. This price is as if you booked 6 passengers, regardless of your group being less than 6. 
 Max 6 passengers per boat. If you have more in your group, please call for special pricing.
Wetsuit & Snorkel Gear
Exclusive Mini ( Half Day )Private
Private manatee tour has a maximum of 6 people (if you have less people in your party, the price is the same as booking the whole boat)

We do not have an age restriction
However we recommend children from the age of 2 and up.
If you have an infant in your family, this tour maybe the one for you. As infants require more attention.
18 and under must have a guardian on the boat
We only take 6 people per boat
We can accommodate up to 12 passengers, ask for details when booking

Also available at our shop and/or boat:

Underwater, disposable cameras
Underwater Digital Go Pro style cameras for rent ($20) bring your own Micro SD card
Underwater cases for your iPhone/iPad or Andriod, take your gadget in the water for photos and videos.
16G MICRO SD Memory cards
Manatee souvenirs & gifts
Coffee, Hot chocolate, Hot cider or tea
Wetsuits/Snorkel Gear
10% off of Gifts and Souvenirs with purchase of this Private tour.

Join Old Homosassa Snorkeling Center, for an experience of a lifetime, the way nature intended.    Below is what you can expect when you visit us for your Manatee swim experience.

Upon arrival, and after signing the necessary paperwork, each guest will change into the rental wetsuits, or their own wetsuits.  After ensuring all the wetsuits fit properly, we will play a short DVD, (filmed in cooperation with the United States Fish & Wildlife Service) which demonstrates how you must behave while on a manatee tour, interacting with them in their natural habitat.

Next, all guests and their US Coast Guard Certified Captain/Tour Guide will proceed to the dock area and board our boats to embark on your manatee tour.

While touring the bays and river in search of manatees, your Captain/Instructor will teach you about manatees and their habitat, and answer any questions you may have. You may also expect to see:Monkeys, Bald Eagles, dolphins, otters, wild pigs, raccoons and a large array of local snow birds. Once the captain has found some friendly manatees, the anchor will be dropped and everyone will quietly enter the water to interact properly with the manatees. You may be allowed to take pictures, swim/snorkel with the manatees, and even, if the manatees allow, touch these amazing creatures, that is like wining the LOTTO. Share your memories and thoughts of your Manatee encounter on your way back to the docks.

Old Homosassa Snorkeling Center Snorkel with Manatees tours are conducted all year long, although many of the manatees will leave the area during the Spring and Summer months, however, Citrus County boasts a year round manatee population.

Included with Tour

  • Rental Camera - $20 Extra
  • 10% off of Sounenirs
  • Ice Water - Summer
  • Hot Coffee/Coco - Winter
  • 1-6 Passengers Private 3-3.5 hours
  • Captain and Manatee Instructor
  • Mask and Snorkel
  • Wetsuits

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1-6 passengers $390 Half Day Private

Just your Family and Friends on our Private Tours

Close and Personal for the most part

Manatee at the Boat

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